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BionicPro4 — 4˝ Slot

Future-forward optical engineering for lens-centric control like never before.

— A complete family of apertures; 2˝ – 3˝ – 4˝ – 5˝ with optics centric design leveraging breakthrough technology in controlling and shaping light with our NEW TruBeam™ optics.
— The most current LED platforms and latest in material science all combine to offer more, including the ‘ideal’ batwing distribution with low glare (UGR), greater lumen output, higher lumens per watt performance, and a continuous seamless lens, with NO LIGHT LEAK, anywhere.
— BioPro’s Batwing offers a 30% savings with 14´ spacing between rows compared to typical 10´ row spacing…  reduce initial install cost and lower watts per sq. ft. while also eliminating light leak and reducing glare with cleaner ceilings.

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