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(We’d call it brilliant if it didn’t sound so braggy.)

Add this one to the list of Prudential industry firsts. Our intelligent PDF spec sheets are now linked to the corresponding web files for fingersnap-quick access to the information you need. No more frustrating (and slow-as-molasses) digging, digging, digging through files in search of the one you want.

Now you can download the exact IES file you need directly from our super-smart spec sheets by clicking on the Lumen Output chart. Select the size, output and optic you want, and poof – it’s there. Like magic, without all the hats and rabbits – just straight-up instant information access. Sooo, what do you think you’ll do with all that extra free time?

Connect to the product page instantly by clicking on the product name at the top. Magically be transported to our home page by rubbing our logo three times (well once is actually enough). Download BIM files by clicking on the cross section drawing.  You get the idea.