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Our sales superhero hangs up his suit. Cliff out. (Drops mic).

After three decades of delightfully unpredictable antics and predictably quotable quotes
(we call ‘em Cliffisms), our very own Mr. Van Wagner is retiring.

What will we miss most? Hard to say. It all kind of blends together – the good-natured verbal sparring over politics, stories of hula-hooping our donut-shaped O fixture in a sales meeting (oh yes, he did) – and just his endearing, all-around bear-hugging Cliffness. He has a presence and warmth and energy and incredible gusto for life that makes even non-smilers smile.

He knows our fixtures and installations like the back of his hand, yet his sales technique was unique to say the least. Never one to merely recap features and benefits from the spec sheet, he often summed up his pitch for our luminaries by simply saying, ‘Chicks dig it.’ (Sold.) If you were fortunate enough to have been a customer in his territory, you know this. Dull, a Cliff meeting was never.



He has been a critical contributor, an inspiring (and highly entertaining) team member for 30 years – our secret weapon if you will – as we’ve grown into the technology-optics leader we are today. So upon his retirement, we’re deliriously happy for him, and yes, a little sad for us. But we have a feeling we’ll be seeing him around.




Cliff, all the best. We’ll miss ya, fella.