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Skylight Stunner.

If you happen upon the newly-opened Westwood Blvd. office space for the Terasaki Research Institute for organ transplant research, you can’t help but look up. The gleaming, metallic-finish skylight draws the eye toward its reflective sheen, then across the vertical surfaces with its ever-changing light-and-shadow effects dancing on the walls – and finally, to the floor where similar light play is happening.  

The recessed alcove is illuminated with our Bionic perimeter, and complemented by additional LED lights in the ceiling that change colors for added visual interest. Recessed linear fixtures provide the functional lighting on multiple levels throughout the airy atrium.

This stunner of a space is named for the late Dr. Paul Terasaki, renowned trailblazer in the life-saving organ transplant field and recipient of the UCLA Medal, the university’s highest honor. The building houses a sleek, modern medical bookstore at street level, and 20 office spaces where experts will continue to make significant strides in organ transplant research.

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