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Office Wow!

Cassidy Turley, a leading commercial real estate services provider in Boston, wanted a fresh, youthful and sophisticated look for their new office space at One International Place, which features expansive views to the Boston Harbor. As real estate professionals, making a great first impression with clients is critical.

HLB Lighting Design worked with Spagnolo Gisness & Associates to create a streamlined lighting concept for the offices. Concentric glowing lines of light were used at clear glass conference walls and feature walls, defining space where walls didn’t exist, and allowing the eye to travel through to the harbor views beyond. Miniature rimless recessed LED accent lights nearly disappear in the drywall ceiling above, while the eye is drawn to textured walls grazed with light and signature decorative fixtures. The overall effect for clients is “wow”.

Bionic Perimeter and Recessed fixtures were chosen with PRU Wall Grazer optics to highlight and accent the textured wall details.

Products Used in This Project