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Sun’s Stunt Double.

P9000s serve as sun’s stunt double in lower-level office space.

Psych. No skylights. Just a slew of P9000s creating a bright, skylight-ish effect to mimic natural light in a space that was sorely lacking said rays. This 70,000sf office by TZS Design utilizes the X7 mud-over flange, so the luminaires virtually disappear into their environment and the large rounds do their room-brightening thing, a key component in below-grade workplaces short on windows.

The scope of work included updating and rebranding the four floors of the 300-employee office. The client desired an open plan to encourage collaboration, so the new workstations had lower panel heights sans overhead storage. Graphic walls were designed to break up the open office areas, bringing energy into the space and adding an element of playfulness. The white bands along the graphic walls represent the sharing of ideas from one employee to another. The design was kept clean and simple with accents of color incorporated purposefully throughout. Green was used in the basement to signify nature and offset the lack of outside views. Orange was used to promote communication and stimulate the mind, and yellow was introduced to promote happiness and optimism in the workspace. The design was all-encompassing, including perks like a new cafeteria, bathroom upgrades, training rooms, wellness center and golf simulator in addition to the more ‘officey’ collaborative teaming areas, scanning center, private offices and conference rooms.

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