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Flexibility at Fusion.

Leo Daly chose a combination of overlapping HalfSnaps, Snaps and Zenith’s to create graphic patterns throughout Fusion Medical’s headquarters to enhance the fun, playful nature of the workplace.  Fusion Medical is a staff healthcare delivery organization and provides opportunities to healthcare professionals in Allied and Therapy Staffing, Lab, and Travel Nursing.

“Businesses like Fusion follow an office culture credo that, ‘if people are happy, the work will follow,’” said my colleague, Interior Designer Sabrina Ahern.

Entrepreneur magazine named Omaha’s Fusion Medical Staffing as the No. 1 pick for “Top Company Cultures 2017” in the medium-sized category.

Leo Daly designed a number of fun perks for Fusion employees, such as a 6,000-square foot fitness center equipped with yoga classes and an in-house personal trainer. In the break room you’ll find a fridge stocked with complimentary healthy snacks alongside a pool table and golfing video game. And to top it off, there’s a designated room where employees can schedule time for a massage or chiropractic treatment.

While these sorts of amenities may not be practical for every business, a more relatable lesson at Fusion is the flexibility of its working spaces. Ahern designed collaborative break-out spaces in each department, helping to “create a culture of openness that keeps the team feeling tight,” Ahern said.

“With the mobility of today’s technology, people aren’t tethered to their desks anymore,” said Senior Interior Designer Heather Robbins. “People have different work styles, so some are going to perform better if they can migrate to collaborative areas to exchange ideas quickly.”

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