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Corporately Clean.

LPA has developed the new offices of Cox Communications located in Lake Forest, California. Prudential Lighting’s Zenith In’s were selected to create ‘graphic patterns’ in the lobby and meeting areas. P43 Wall Wash was selected as the recessed white board luminaire for its superior wall washing and clean look.

LPA was engaged by Cox Communications to design more than 200,000 square feet of office and ASC/service center facilities in multiple locations throughout Southern California. With the client’s desire to create a cohesive and innovative design across the entire region, LPA worked closely with the client’s key local and headquarters representatives to develop concepts that carried the corporate brand while respecting the local culture.

Bright white exposed ceilings and ductwork contrast with gray ground planes throughout the space. Pops of ‘Cox Blue’ are visible throughout; a glass backsplash in an open break area, seating upholstery and drywall accent walls abound. The resulting design is a clean and meaningful interpretation of Cox Communications’ brand.

Products Used in This Project