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Holiday Shindiggle

We held our annual whopper of a holiday shindiggle (is that even a thing?) in our sparkling new 10,000 square foot experience center – with 200 of us gathering for surprisingly fierce ping pong competitions. Photobooth(!!!). The best. Chinese. Ever. And and annnd gifts for the kiddos from a Santa we’re pret-ty sure is THE ACTUAL GUY. (But like a woman and her age, he’ll never tell.)

We also continued our tradition of rounding up employee donations for prezies, lunch and dessert for about 65 adorable 4-year-olds from Headstart. Santa Juan always comes along to hand out gifts, and truly doesn’t mind being tugged on, hugged or randomly head-butted by this seriously wound-up crew. For many, it’s the only gift they receive, which is why our employee-elves get practically giddy about the shopping, wrapping, and especially the delivering.

What a way to end 2016. Now, onward.


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