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Eternal Style and Claudia Schiffer.

Great lighting is a head-turner at Guess.

In 1981, French brothers Maurice and Paul Marciano set up a jeans business in Los Angeles and called it Guess. With groundbreaking advertising campaigns some of you out there may actually remember (Claudia Schiffer fans? anyone?), the brand quickly infiltrated pop culture, with its triangle/question mark logo becoming one of the world’s best-known brand marks.

The Guess headquarters sits just south of downtown Los Angeles on a four-warehouse campus once owned by Howard Hughes. When Guess decided to convert one of the warehouses into the brand’s design HQ, they hired Studios Architecture to run point on the job.

Part of the wow factor of Studios’ transformation is a 1,000-person-capacity multipurpose room used to stage fashion shows for district managers and partners. Studios collaborated with San Francisco lighting design firm Architecture & Light. Because the space would be transformed for each show, the team wanted lighting that helped amplify the architectural experience while providing total freedom of form and mounting.

The design partners found exactly what they were looking for from Prudential Lighting, whose design and manufacturing facility is conveniently located just blocks away from Guess. The Sky Oculus P3900 series from Prudential offered the perfect proportion between depth and diameter, allowing it to be used to dramatic effect throughout the redesigned headquarters. For the open office areas, Wave stepped in to provide the direct/indirect illumination.

The fixtures are surface mounted in the lobby and pendant mounted in the multipurpose space, providing a unifying element throughout the interior, and creating a ceiling plane that enhances the room’s aesthetics. The fixture’s classic shape is not only stunning but also high-functioning, providing a reflective surface for the theatrical lighting during fashion shows, so it’s present even in the dark. It’s been said that fashions fade but style is eternal, and this project is indeed timeless. Clearly, the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) agrees, recognizing the project with a prestigious award at the 37th Annual Interior Design Competition.

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