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DC Flexes Superpowers.

(Ask for capes at reception).

Part workspace, part Superhero Hall of Fame, DC Entertainment’s new Burbank offices are no doubt one super-fun place to report for duty every day. The Fortress of Solitude-esque lobby treats you to an up-close-and-personal look at collectibles and costumes from the movies, Heath Ledger’s Joker and all. Meanwhile, off to one side, Captain Cold squares off against Flash over a game of chess.

Prudential Lighting Strand and Pulse fixtures are installed throughout, with our Sky Oculus big rounds illuminating the spaces where big ideas become epic adventures. Wall decor includes figurines, vintage comic book art and movie posters – juxtaposed with more modern spaces, like the media room where staffers test the latest video games. (Wait, that’s an actual JOB?!)

Oversized character illustrations cover the sliding glass doors to each office. And the Wonder Woman-themed kitchen/break room is so fab, it makes you wonder why she’d ever want to leave (though ‘the invisible jet’s waiting’ seems a valid excuse). Rumor has it there are several secret rooms – but on that topic, lips remain sealed. There’s too much villain-instigated crime fighting at stake.


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