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A Bright New Store for Dark Horse Comics.

A former Universal Studios movie theater meets its demise, and a can’t-miss comic book store takes its rightful place on the Universal City Walk in LA. Brought in as the unstoppable duo behind the new store, V3 Studio and SUM Design Studio + Architecture unlock the secrets behind transforming the dark theater into a bright new destination, leaving fans thoroughly captivated.

With plans to move its existing Things From Another World store to this larger location, client Dark Horse Comics wanted a unique, light-filled interior that would showcase the brand’s big-name titles and killer graphics. MicroCove from Prudential Lighting plays an epic role, swooping in with a daring 30 degrees of tilt, to aim the beam up the arched coves along the sloping ceilings and barrel vaults. Color-changing LED lights lend added drama, bringing the merchandise to life (but for shoppers’ sake, hopefully just the good guys).

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